Information Page

Who makes up the Marching Band?

On the schedules you will see references to several different groups that make up the Fort Mill High School Marching Band:

Group of musicians in the front of the field who are for the most part “stationary” and don’t move. They are a part of percussion.

Another part of percussion are comprised of snares, tenors and basses and do move along with the band when performing.

Color Guard or Guard Rehearsal
Those that dance, toss flags, sabers and rifles. In the winter, you will hear them referred to as Gold (Varsity), Blue (JV) and Cadets (middle school).

Full Band Rehearsal and Band Rehearsal
Refers to all people whether they march with their instrument on the field, do guard or are part of the percussion ensemble.


If you go to CutTime and click on “Calendar” you will see a list of all the upcoming rehearsals.

It’s important to know what instrument your child plays and which group he’s considered to be in, in order to be connected to his/her schedule. You can also sync this calendar to your phone.

Competition Schedules

Will be posted in CutTime as we get them. They will also be added to Eblast and mentioned on Facebook. Competition schedules will be posted to our social pages as well as the band website.

Please do not be surprised if you don’t know the exact time your student/child will be leaving for a competition until just a few days before.

On many occasions we do not know what time we will perform until the
venue lets us know. Patience is key.

We will update you all as soon as possible.

Music for All’s Bands of America (BOA) marching band championships are the premier events for marching band in the nation.

Their completion schedule falls into 3 categories:

Regional Championships
A regional championship in Gaffney, SC. We are defending champions of this competition.

Super Regionals
We competed in 2015 and 2017 in Atlanta, GA. BOA is not holding a competition there this year.

Grand Nationals
We competed in 2016 and 2017 and will be going again in 2018!

Is a three-day, Preliminary, Semi-Finals, Finals event, held in Lucas Oil Stadium, one of the world’s premier indoor venues.

Fifty bands perform in each of the two separate Prelims contests, balanced with like numbers of bands from each class.

Thirty bands then advance to Semi-Finals. The top 12 scoring bands from Semi- Finals, regardless of class, advance to Saturday evening’s finals.

This is why we can’t tell you how long we will be there. We could be out after the first preliminaries or we could go all the way to the Finals.


This is the area on the black top parking long outside the band room. It is where the entire band will spend most of their time learning the show. When you come to pick your student up at night, please keep the following in mind:

1. Drive slow

2. Do not park along the curb near the band room or in front of the ramps. The kids, especially those with enormous percussion instruments need lots of room to get their instruments back to the band room.

3. Feel free to get out of your car and ask a kid you don’t know if you can help push their instrument back to the band room. After all day in school and band practice till 9, they will probably welcome the help.