Band Together General Information


This year we are introducing our very own, in-house, crowd sourcing fundraiser called Band Together. Band students will be contacting family, friends, alumni, community members and/or anyone else willing to support this dynamic band program. Unlike previous years, our fundraiser this year was created in-house; therefore, 100% of all donations will directly support the Fort Mill High School Band.

Our goal is to have donations to support this outstanding, award-winning program that Mr. Patel and his team continues to amplify. Every donation is tax deductible and contributors will be emailed a receipt.

We are asking each band member to build an email list of 20 or more contacts, who would most likely be willing to support you and donate to our band campaign. Email messages have been developed, that will be automatically sent to the supplied contacts once a week for four weeks. Once a contact has donated to the campaign, the automated emails will cease. The contact will be directed to the campaign page on the Fort Mill High School Band website, where they will see how their contribution could support the band and where to donate.

It is just that easy! Just supply your email list and the Band Together committee will send the messages to your contacts. Your contact list will always be in-house and will never be shared or used for anything other than this fundraiser.

Tip: Please send your contacts a heads-up to let them know to expect an email about our big fundraiser.

To get started, please take a few minutes to come up with a list of contacts that have a pretty good chance of donating. The 20 contacts should meet the requirements below.

1. Each contact should be someone who knows you by your first name and who understands the role the band plays in your life.

2. Each contact should be an adult, but not a peer or a teacher.

Please complete your contacts using this link: Enter Contact emails HERE.
Over the next month, we’ll also be sending out messages you can post to your social media pages for even more exposure.

This fundraiser is currently up and running. Click below to check it out!

Donate today and leave your child an encouraging message. Click here to Donate.