GoPlaySave Fundraiser

By August 10, 2017Fundraising

Help raise money for the band and earn 5 points in your Charms account for every book you sell. GoPlaySave coupon books sell for $30 each, but pay for themselves even if you use just a few of the valuable coupons inside!

How It Works…

GoPlaySave books will be available for pick up, starting Thursday, August 10th, during the last hour of band practice (and right after). You can pre-order the number of books you would like, or just come by and pick some up. You are then responsible for those books and by the end of the sale (Thursday, September 14th), you must turn in either $30 for each book sold, or return unsold books.

What’s In It For Me?

  • Earn 5 points in your Charms account for every GoPlaySave book you sell. That equals a $10 credit per book!
  • Get a FREE GoPlaySave book for every 5 books that you sell (you can then sell them, give them as gifts, or keep them for yourself!).
  • The more you sell, the more chances you have to win the fun prizes that will be given away throughout the sale!
  • You’ll be helping the band get to Indianapolis!

What’s So Great About GoPlaySave?

This is the classic GoPlaySave coupon book that you know and love, updated with the latest deals for your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite activities, restaurants, and family adventures near you! Carry… Clip…Save! It’s that Simple!

Three Ways To Sell

  1. First, you can sell traditionally: you collect $30 and give your customer the book.
  2. There are also two ways to sell virtually. You can set up your own URL and sell books online to your family and friends in the Charlotte area. With this method, your buyer pays online, but you deliver the book to them. There is a $1 convenience fee to the buyer for this option.
  3. The second virtual option is to sell GoPlaySave mobile subscriptions. Subscribers access GoPlaySave discounts using their smartphones. Details for the two virtual selling options will be provided soon.

Get Your GoPlaySave

If you’d like your GoPlaySave books to be ready for you to sign-out and go, please email us at, by noon on Wednesday, 8/9. Provide the student name and how many books you would like. We’ll have your order ready for pick-up at band practice on Thursday. If you don’t want to pre-order, you can still pick up GoPlaySave books at the end of band practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the sale. Money and unsold books may be turned in at these times too.

Questions and More Information

Stay tuned for updates and more information about the great offers included in GoPlaySave. Ready…Set…GoPlaySave!!!!!

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